2014/15 Season Press Highlights

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“A theatre company with strong neighborhood roots…CoHo, the little theater in Northwest Portland, has announced its 2015-16 season. That will make 20…CoHo’s new season is full of locally grown, nourished, acted and directed plays: Remme’s Run, The Yellow Wallpaper, and The Few.”

-Oregon Arts Watch

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“Out of the starkest set imaginable — a metal chair, lit by four fluorescent bulbs, inhabited by a solitary woman in an anonymous military uniform — arises a richly constructed person with personal and moral ambiguities that transfix an audience…Fighter pilot Rebecca Lingafelter delivers a rich, complex woman with a huge armament of tensions, paradoxes, and fracture-points; but she never takes the easy way.”

-Oregonian, Grounded

“If you know anyone who needs to be convinced that theatre is important, send them to see Grounded  at CoHo Productions. This may be the most important play to grace Portland stages this year.”

-Broadway World, Grounded

“Lingafelter absorbs us into her world so completely you believe you can see exactly which she is describing.  The emotional roller-coaster we enter with her is a journey of discovery…filled with peaks and valleys…never knowing what is around the next corner…or how we will deal with it.  She is totally in control and you believe her every step of the way.”

-Dennis Sparks Reviews, Grounded

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“audience members who hunger for emotionally stirring, imaginative theater experiences will be joyously fulfilled by this magical and moving theatrical production…which may not be conventional but is evocative, complex, and intricately shaped.”

-Oregonian, The Snowstorm

“both beautiful and relentless, The Snowstorm—part of this year’s Fertile Ground festival—might leave you out of breath. But with such an impassioned blend of live music, dance and theater, that’s hardly a bad thing.”

-Willamette Week, The Snowstorm

“a phenomenal piece of theatre told primarily through music and movement…The piece is filled with warmth and humor, and you will find yourself deeply touched by it…As always, the technical credits at CoHo are outstanding.”

-Broadway World, The Snowstorm

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“artfully crafted and emotionally stirring…finely drawn and deeply felt performances…hard not to be moved by this CoHo production.”

-Oregonian, ‘night, Mother

It all works beautifully, and at the end of the play the audience was completely still. No sound, no movement, no applause. Just pure, stunned silence until the two actresses returned to take their well-deserved bows…. CoHo is one of the best theaters in town.”            

-Broadway World, ‘night, Mother

“Do not enter CoHo theater for ‘night, Mother expecting to be anything but emotionally wrecked… Expect your allegiances and empathy to rock from side to side, and for the conflict to leave you feeling deeply unsettled. Gavin Hoffman, in an excellent directorial debut, focuses more on emotion than on what’s right or wrong.”

-Willamette Week, ‘night, Mother

Summerfest FB Banner

“CoHo’s summer shows have an informal spirit that nurtures the wilder edges of performance practice these days.”

Oregon Arts Watch, Summerfest 2015

“CoHo’s Summerfest series of fringe-tinged and downright dirty shows…are for bawdy-minded adults who enjoy racy rhymes and salty similes.”

-Oregonian, Summerfest 2015

“During the summer, theater across the nation slows to a meager drizzle, and the occasional Shakespeare galas in the parks are no tall glass of water. For Portland’s scrawny, indoor-bound artistes who thirst for something more contemporary than the Bard, the sunless black box at CoHo Productions is an oasis…Summerfest, says CoHo artistic director Philip Cuomo, is a chance to exist “on the edge of the mainstream… Indeed, CoHo knows no drought.”     –

Willamette Week, Summerfest 2015


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