Cannibals & Cannonballs: Living in The Late Now

Death of a Talk Show Host Leo Daedalus CoHo Summer Fest 2014Cannibals & Cannonballs:

Living in The Late Now

Written and Performed by:

Leo Daedalus

July 24-26

All shows at 7:30pm


The thinking mammal’s late nigh avant-variety-talk show, The Late Now broadcasts from a parallel universe where Dada won the war: a Land of Cockaigne where Marcel Duchamp hosts The Tonight Show and even the lowest common denominator is eccentrically brilliant. Maddened by the inanity of mass culture but fascinated by its sheer protean relentlessness, your host Leo Daedalus rides out the clash between commercial forms and intellectual curiosity like Slim Pickens on the A-bomb. While The Late Now deals with philosophy and comedy and anarchic ideas, Leo deals with creditors and exes and an archic musical guests.

Cannibals & Cannonballs takes you on an uninsured tour inside the mind of your quixotic host and his intrepid comrades in arms in the chaotic course of an episode of The Late Now. Comedy! Interviews! Music! Epistemology! Hot sex! Except probably not the hot sex. But still…