CoHo Season 19

October 17- November 8, 2014

Co-Produced by CoHo Productions with Gavin Hoffman, Jacklyn Maddux & Dana Millican

‘night, Mother 

by Marsha Norman

Directed by Gavin Hoffman

Featuring Jacklyn Maddux & Dana Millican

Photo Credit Owen Carey








Winner of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize and nominated for 4 Tony Awards following the legendary Broadway production, Marsha Norman’s ‘NIGHT, MOTHER  is an iconic work celebrated for its explosive specificity and cathartic force. The play begins with reclusive Jessie calmly telling her mother that she plans to kill herself at the end of the evening. In the real-time events that follow, Mama reasons, argues and begs for her daughter’s life as Jessie prepares the household and defends her right to end her own suffering.


“…honest, uncompromising, lucid, penetrating, well-written, dramatic, and…unmanipulatively moving…It is as artfully designed as a sonata, rising in each dramatic movement until it arrives at its inevitable destination.”
-NY Magazine

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