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CoHo Productions & Wayne Harrel present the world premiere of

Remme’s Run

Written by: Wayne Harrel

Directed by: Jeremey Catterton

Technical Direction by: Jerry Green

A high-tech, wild west multi-media performance based on the true story of French-Canadian frontiersman Louis Remme who raced on horseback from Sacramento to Portland in six days to rescue his life’s savings from a bank gone bust in 1855. Meanwhile, Remme’s trailhand pals escort his faro-dealing lady love north by steamboat, making their own justice with wit, cunning and crooked cards. This anticipated world premiere is a daring, diverse and interactive adventure ride.

CoHo Productions co-presents the full-length world premiere of Remme’s Run after it’s ambitious and well-received RACC-funded workshop production staged at Portland Playhouse in the 2014 Fertile Ground Festival.

“Epic true story…fantastic multimedia…technical wizardr..” -The Oregonian

“Rollicking…massively conceived…excellently so.” -Portland Stage Reviews

“Spirited, amusing and engaging…fast-paced old-west adventure story of various fortunes worked for, won, lost, stolen and squandered.” -Oregon Arts Watch








CoHo Productions & Grace Carter and Sue Mach present the world premiere of

The Yellow Wallpaper

Conceived by:  Grace Carter

Written by: Sue Mach

Adapted from the short story by:  Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Featuring Performance By: Grace Carter as Charlotte

A new expressionistic performance adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper by Sue Mach, from the American short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The story follows Charlotte, a woman confined to a single bedroom for three months in 1890 – a “rest cure” for her nervous depression. Isolated and under-stimulated, Charlotte turns to an interior world of imagination, obsessing on the room’s ghastly wallpaper, until a trapped woman appears to her in the pattern. This multi-disciplinary installation descends to Charlotte’s inner landscape, following her “mad” journey through constraint,to creativity, transformation and freedom.

CoHo Productions co-presents the world premiere contemporary performance adaptation of a classic work from the collaborative duo of Sue Mach and Grace Carter, acclaimed theatre-artists continuing their creative work exploring mental health and systemic injustice.


“like most of Mach’s plays, they each tackle dense social and political issues with the clarion voice of both a teacher and a formidable storyteller.” – Portland Monthly

“gripping…defies dramatic conventions…tantalizingly elusive. Carter fleshes it out nicely without reducing the play to banal psychodrama.” – Oregonian


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MARCH 25 – APRIL 17, 2016

CoHo Productions & Brandon Woolley and Val Landrum present

The Few

Written by:  Samuel D. Hunter

Directed by:  Brandon Woolley

Featuring Performance by: Val Landrum as QZ

It’s 1999 and Y2K panic looms over a small town in northern Idaho where QZ struggles to keep a grassroots newspaper for long-haul truckers alive. When Bryan, the paper’s founding publisher and QZ’s ex-lover, returns after an unexplained four-year absence, he finds the paper full of personal ads from lonely truckers, his former partner full of rage and regret, and his double-wide trailer/office occupied by Matthew, a sensitive young misfit full of misplaced hero-worship. A compact, compassionate play from NW-native and MacArthur genius playwright Samuel D. Hunter about the struggle to keep hope alive, the search for human connection, and the barriers and detours on the way there.

CoHo Productions is thrilled to bring Hunter’s work back to Portland with The Few, which was workshopped in Portland Center Stage’s 2012 JAW festival. It since premiered in 2013 at The Old Globe in San Diego, followed by a NYC production in 2014 at Rattlesnake Playwright’s Theatre.

Eschewing irony and judgment…Hunter’s quietly captivating dramas confront the polarizing and socially isolating aspects of contemporary life across the American landscape…[and] leavens his plays with humor and compassion for the lives he depicts…with literary allusions and larger themes of faith and doubt. -MacArthur Foundation


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