#Messages to the Future Personal Archiving in 21st Century

Join Hand2Mouth 4/15 for a Free Workshop about Personal Archiving

#Messages to the Future, Personal Archiving in the 21st Century

WHEN: Saturday, 4/15 @ 5 pm

WHERE: CoHo Theatre, 2257 NW Raleigh St




In the 1940s Andrea Stolowitz’s great grandfather wrote a diary as a message to his great grandchildren.

This workshop considers the opportunities and challenges of communication with future generations in a time of endless documentation and personal archiving. Participants will reflect on what they might want their future kin to know, the challenges inherent in archiving in an era of planned obsolescence and the use of tags as archival tools. Participants will also have the chance to record messages to their future relatives living 20, 50 or 200 years from now. With Sarah Turner (Open Signal), Jah Justice (Peripheral Forms), Erin Yanke (KBOO)

This is part of a series of events linked to Berlin Diary by Andrea Stolowitz, presented by Hand2Mouth in association with CoHo Productions from April 13-30.

Berlin Diary