XRAY.FM Nonprofit Hour Podcast

CoHo’s Producing Artistic Director Philip Cuomo was invited to share about CoHo’s 21 year history co-producing theatre in Portland on last week’s episode of XRAY.FM’s The Nonprofit Hour.

The podcast is streaming at http://tunein.com/radio/The-Nonprofit-Hour-p844418/ (30:40)

Phil Busse hosts this episode, and mentions his own CoHo-connection: his solo show The Match.com Monologues appeared in 2012’s Summerfest. Cigi Guerin Of Northwest Theatre Project also appears in the first part of the episode.

Listen for the new tagline: “Theatre so close it will reach out and touch you.”  Philip breaks down the bigger perspective on CoHo’s interconnected history in the booming landscape of Portland theatre. Whether you are a new transplant looking for a homebase theatre to get introduced to the scene, or a longtime resident who appreciates seeing the passion projects of our city’s top talent programmed with democratic vision – CoHo is the place for you.

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