CoHo Presents: Corrib Theatre’s Little Gem

September 24 – October 4, 2015



Written by Elaine Murphy

Directed by Gemma Whelan

Featuring Michele M. Mariana, Lauren Mitchell, and Deanna Wells.

A vivid anthem to the spirit of working class women, Little Gem winds through one extraordinary year for¬†three generations of ordinary Irish women getting on with the business of survival. Their stories unspool in separate monologues as eighteen year old Amber moves from school to adulthood, her mother Lorraine casts off the shadow of a disastrous marriage, and Lorraine’s mother, Kay nurses her husband through a grave illness. They cycle through death, despair, love and new life, with generous doses of salsa, sex and sambucas.

CoHo Presents this revival of Corrib’s popular show which ran at Kells Irish Pub in February 2015.¬†

Corrib Theatre engages, inspires, entertains, and challenges audiences with theatrical productions which reflect the broad spectrum of Irish experience, and with a focus on contemporary and lesser-known voices; we foster a diverse theatre community in our artists and patrons, and celebrate the essential power of the theatre to illuminate our common humanity.


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