About CoHo Productions



CoHo Productions broadens perspectives and cultivates empathy through vibrant and intimate theatrical productions. CoHo nurtures and supports Portland area-based theatre artists through a co-production model, championing exceptional local artists who share their passionate work with an engaged audience, deepening the theatrical landscape of the community.



CoHo’s Season

For 20 years, CoHo Productions has pioneered artist-led co-production as a model of creating theatre. Each season, CoHo solicits scripts and project proposals from Portland’s theatre professionals and our artistic council selects three to produce in partnership. These three projects become CoHo’s subscription season. The artistic vision is democratic, reflecting the evolving tastes of the Portland theatre community. Our season’s vary widely in style, form and content, but remain excellent in production values and artistic integrity.

In 2014, CoHo implemented two additional co-production models, CoHo Presents and In Association With.

CoHo Presents

  • CoHo co-produces fully realized productions already produced at smaller or alternative venues and moves these productions into CoHo’s professional yet intimate theatre with our model CoHo Presents. CoHo manages all publicity and box office and compensates the co-producer with an agreed upon percentage of box office receipts.

In Association With

  • CoHo also supports emerging theatre companies with demonstrated artistic quality but lacking financial resources. CoHo co-produces these companies’ shows In Association With. CoHo manages the box office and disburses pre-production expenses, including marketing collateral and rental fees, and is reimbursed from box office receipts. For example, the world premieres by Playwright’s West in August.

Guest Rentals

The result of these remarkable services to the community deepens Portland’s artistic talent and increases theatrical opportunities. CoHo co-produced the initial productions for the now distinguished Third Rail Repertory and Profile Theatre companies. CoHo provides many local playwrights their initial viewings (including an original musical by Many Hats Collaboration) and CoHo Productions regularly receives awards for Outstanding Productions, Directors and Actors.

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