Crooked post card concrete web_Page_1
by Catherine Trieschmann
Co-producers Philip Cuomo and Maureen Porter
Directed by Philip Cuomo, Featuring Maureen Porter, Kayla Lian & Meghan Chambers
May 16 – June 8, 2013

Fourteen-year-old Laney and her single mother Elsie move back to her childhood home in Oxford, Mississippi. Laney is an outsider with a twisted back and only her writing to keep her company. When she befriends outcast Maribel, a zealous Christian, Laney’s penchant for story-telling soon causes trouble. An amusing series of events sparks a spiritual and sexual journey that infuriates her mother and pushes their relationship to the brink. The London Times calls Crooked “gorgeous almost beyond belief,” and The Daily Telegraph says “This is a wonderfully neat play, at once simple and complex, grappling with big issues – matters of faith, fantasy and the flesh – while keeping its sneakers firmly planted on the suburban topsoil of adolescent angst and domestic frictions.”


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