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racc_poster_previewHomomentum the Musical

Unicorns and other mythical creatures save the world through dance, music, queer awesomeness and glitter, in this brand new gender bending sci-fi fantasy musical!

Fri Nov 15th & Sat Nov 16th*
7pm Doors, 7:30pm Curtain
$10-20 Sliding Scale

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This performance will be a fabulous hybrid of a staged reading and a full production. Prepare for a full dose of music, dance, costumes & glitter!

The Premise:
Imagine a world, where you can have any object you desire, as long as you don’t question the cost of your exponential consumption. This cost is not evenly shared, and runs highest for those working below, the Cogs. Welcome to Metopia, balanced at the brink of class warfare. Enter the Homomentum players, a band of intergalactic performance-artists, who crash-land on this world, and spark a new path, paved in glitter and camp. Will the love of a Homo be enough to change the heart and mind of one young Metopian, who must convince their people to seek change? Will the Cogs find the courage to dismantle the machine? Will magical unicorns come to their rescue? Can art really change the world? Homomentum, the musical!

Created by Max Voltage
Story & Book by Max Voltage
Original Music by Max Voltage, Riley La Roux & Leander Star
Directed By Kim Lundin

*Sat Nov 16th performance will be Sign Interpreted
Photo Credit Ty Chance
Funded by the Regional Arts & Culture Council,
Brought to you by Pants-Off Productions, creating radical queer pdx art since 2007.


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